Digital Buana is a company shelter under the flag of PT. Graha Digital Pratama.
having extensive experience, strong relationships and an established reputation.
As a young proactive company with a wealth of knowledge and contacts, we are here to provide various services on the base of digital solution.

Deeply experiencing in strategic business intelligence and risk-taker-humanist-entrepreneur made him very confident in developing or acquiring many of new businesses in various fields. Strategy and Planning Business professional with experiences during 17 years within Insurance Company Group. With his experiences over nearly two decades in Indonesia's leading television made him deeply understand the creative industry broadcast media & technology. Have a strong vision to evoke a variety of potential national human resources who are able to compete globally. Creative and strategic simple point of view with a new model of environment and
work ethos will give strong contribution to company's growth. Committed to assign the strategic approaches of aligning the appropriate business solutions ba<x>sed on Information Technology with business strategy to build sustainable competitive advantage in moving the company to the intended direction of the new economic global competition. As one of the holders of key positions in the field of sales & marketing at one of the national private television with her experiences during more than 17 years makes her very understanding of the advertising world and its all intricacies.

We provide a creative applications to help you not only to be up against today's challenges but capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities.


LUBITU is an applications which allow users to select and watch/listen to video or audio content on demand. This applications are available on Samsung Apps so user can watch their favorite content on their Samsung Tablet Smartphone and Smart TV. There are many genre of content video or audio which user can watched.

SMILES Messenger

SMILES is a cross-platform instant messaging application for smartphones. Not only give additional features to basic messaging like send each other images, video, and audio media messages, SMILES offers multimedia features like video-audio streaming and also SMILES provides store that allow users to download virtual items.


DiBOX is the best way to watch your favorite content Movie, Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Documentary and Catch-up TV. And also you can enjoy TV and Radio Streaming from local broadcasting programme. With DiBOX you can discover many entertainment content and you can connect with your friends. Share your fave content to public network like Facebook, Twitter Foursquare. You can easily check in, update status, and tweet directly from DIBOX.


DB On Demand is a channel on First Media Home Cable that's give you Video on demand facility. Where you can watch many content (by catalog) movie, film, music, lifestyle and entertaintment anytime you want.

Many mobile operating system platform, we can facilitates to them all. To increase your coverage communications and make easier for end-user to connect with your company

Ingestions & Encoding

We provide platform to ingest all types of video content and convert them using advanced encoding technology to be delivered to multiscreen devices.


To know the effectivity of your strategy to reach your customer and/or audience we provide reporting and analytics information. Access extensive performance visualizations report. We provide information on show views player activity and ranking; analyze advertising activity including ad impressions and clicks by number and type; such as total number by day and for a selected date range.

Advertising & Monetization

We also provide help on advertising your company's value and products through our third-party partners resulting on the increased customer knowledge of your company. We offer various effective ways on advertising considering the suitable choice for your company.

Social Media

Social media channels makes it easier and more flexible for companies to engage with its customers. Having access to customer's feedback helps in improving your products based on what your customer's require and allow you to discover your customer's preferences. This will help your company retain your existing customers and increase your brand credibility. Aside from that this process will be able to help you in increasing your conversion rate and benefit from a desirable Return of Investment (ROI).

Mobile Platform Delivery

With the advent of new technology the way of communication is also changed. Mobiles are now every one's first choice gadget either an elderly person or a younger one. Mobile phones are now inexpensive easy to use and comfortable and equipped with almost every latest feature we desire. With the rapid development of mobile phones mobile delivery are one of the many ways to reach end-users or to say customers. Digital Buana facilitates the delivery throughout many used mobile operating system platforms - including the iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry.

Customers need to create a competitive advantage using rapidly emerging technologies. Digital Buana is a trusted partner, experienced in the IT media solutions they depend on to achieve their mission and strategic goals. This dynamic partnership builds the foundation for the future. To understand how Digital Buana's team can benefit your organization, learn more about our solutions.

Industry Specific

Digital Buana offer industry-specific solutions, whether your company is in the media entertainment industry, network operator, or as an enterprise. Our capabilities to create specialized solutions enables you to get full value on your investment.

1. Multimedia and Entertainment
Development of innovation in digital media resulted in the need retain customers. By utilizing IP video, content owners and publishers of video can capture the attention of many customers who are now leaving the conventional entertainment services. Deliver products through our services and by customizing it to enhance the experience of your customers.

2. Network Operator
Whether you are a cable or satellite television service providers, even a telecommunications company, customers are seeking higher quality on every offer. Extended HD-quality services on satellite television service provider, wider television and broadband for cable television, or video services for telecommunication companies. We offer you a way to gain a those competitive advantage through various strategies.

3. Enterprise
Every company should have an integrated strategy to capture new customers or maintain the existing. Here at Digital Buana we offer you ways to communicate effectively with your audience. Whether it's corporate internal employees, partners, or investors. Brands can attract more audience or end-user customers. All those can be accessed or delivered anytime anywhere.

Platform Solutions

1. OTT (Over the Top)
The enthusiasm for online video are growing on a fast pace, in broadcasting and content delivery, online delivery of video and audio contents are now highly on demand. Over‐the‐Top (OTT) content delivery of catch‐up or on‐demand services enable users to capture and view their desired programs at any time. Consumers are able to access OTT content through Internet-connected devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles. This represents a new path for broadcasters who are looking for innovative ways to deliver their premium content directly to the users.

2. IP-Enabled TV
Digital Buana helps tv stations and social media network through network operators to deliver informations by harnessing the rapid development of technology, information are delivered through gadgets such as IP-TV, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

3. Enterprise Multimedia
We help your company to develop communication means, to deliver corporate news and messages to internal and global audiences in a way to stimulate long-term loyalty to the company.

Digital Buana are devoted on helping our clients to successfully implement and maintain business solutions. We offer various range of services which are supported by professionals in designing the concept, integration and management of our services.

Content Speciality

Acquiring and keeping viewers on our side is harder than ever. Screen reach gives them a compelling, rewarding reason to engage and stay engaged. Learn more about our content speciality.

1. Content Aggregator
Digital Buana is a company that obtains the rights from multiple content providers to resell and distribute through various communication channels. We receive, reformat, stores, and/or forward the media content. We also control and/or encode the media for security purposes, deliver the media, and distributes it to systems which sell and provide it to customers. Distributing are done by Video On Demand (VOD). Learn more about VOD.

2. Video On Demand
Video on Demand Service (VOD) allows its users to enjoy various entertainment contents, including best local favorite movies and international films at anytime between their routines and activities. VOD also allows them to organize their favorite movies and facilitate them to choose the movie content on their own.

3. On-demand Production
In meeting the needs of your company on making a content that will be addressed to the customer, Digital Buana has the flexibility to produce it. We communicate your ideas, capture your message, and deliver superior quality products.

4. Exclusively on your Channel
Digital Buana have thousands of content that can be accessed by your company which can then be presented to customers. By considering the need and wants of exclusivity, the content that we provide is accessible only from your channel network.

Channel Distribution

Digital Buana has been serving the broadcasting industry for many years and it is this experience that has allowed us to create services that we know really matter to customers. We can help you organize the network which in combination will perform all the functions required to link your company with end customers to accomplish the marketing task.

Managed Services

Digital Buana provides a suite of Managed Platform Services that reduce the time to market, cost, risk, and complexity of deploying world-class broadband-delivered video solutions. Whether you select our open cloud, managed private cloud, or hybrid cloud deployment model, our unique combination of integrated ITIL service management, security, and quality assurance is guaranteed to increase functionality and scalability while minimizing operational and maintenance costs.

Creative Application

1. Creative User Interface & Experience
Digital Buana can help your business to launch mobile solutions and web interface optimized for mobile display, which can help you attract more customers. Make your web application be easier to access from different mobile platforms and through different technologies to make your web applications more user-friendly and this means better profits, customer loyalty, and most important of all, happy customers.

2. Live Streaming
In order to provide authentic and reliable information for customers, Digital Buana offers live streaming services that can appear on various platforms suitable. Right on your homepage or through mobile platforms.

Strategic And Marketing

A marketing strategy is a process or model to allow a company or organization to focus limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales and thereby achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Digital Buana will help your company to identify your competitive requirement and to create a marketing plan to meet those needs and generate revenue.

1. Strategic Consultancy
In today's business competition, new media is a marketing tool that must be prepared by a company. With the development of new media tools, we will assist your company in finding a more appropriate solution in reach to the digital media market.

2. Advertising Network
Ad networks are primarily involved in selling space for online ads to appear. This online advertising inventory comes in many different forms, including space on websites, in RSS feeds, on blogs, in instant messaging applications, in adware, in e-mails, and on other sources. In addition to online ad networks, there are ad networks that focuses on serving ads on the mobile web and within mobile apps. Digital Buana can provide solutions for your company in developing of the various ad networks, so that your company can have many ad networks through a canal that will be prepared to meet customer demand.

3. Marketing Cooperation
The importance of marketing co-operations has significantly increased over the last few years - Partnerships is an effective way to tap the full growth potential of a market by bundling specific competences or resources. Co-operating in marketing can generate 'win-win-win' situations that offer value not only to both companies but also to customers.

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